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Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by a malfunctioning furnace. Connect with our seasoned and dependable furnace experts for round-the-clock repair solutions. Simply dial 604-375-8885, and we'll dispatch a skilled technician to swiftly restore your home's furnace. Rely on us to have your furnace operating seamlessly once again, allowing you to bask in the cozy warmth and comfort of your home.

Here at Zephyr Heating & Air Conditioning, we are committed to transparent and uncomplicated pricing. Our technicians will give you an upfront cost based on labor hours and necessary parts, ensuring complete clarity.


Serving the entire Greater Vancouver area, we can typically have a technician at your doorstep within the hour, be it day or night. Our primary objective is to guarantee your utter contentment with our furnace repair services. Reach out to us today to set up an appointment.


Heating solutions encompass a range of technologies and methods designed to provide warmth and comfort in indoor spaces. These solutions vary in their mechanisms and energy sources, catering to different needs and preferences. Common heating solutions include forced air heating, which distributes heated air through ducts; radiant heating, which warms surfaces to radiate heat; heat pumps, which transfer heat between indoor and outdoor environments; and traditional options like boilers and baseboard heaters. Selecting the appropriate heating solution depends on factors such as energy efficiency, climate, installation costs, and desired comfort levels.

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  • Hot Water Tank 

  • Furnace

  • Boiler

  • Heat Pump 

  • Water Heater 

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